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Oh My Digital Membership

Want to get empowered to DIY your marketing, while having our support along the way?

You can sit with us.

Hey there, need a hand?

We get it.
Digital marketing can be exhausting
(and that's coming from two digital marketers over here...)

Things are changing every week, every second person is telling you about some new feature or tool to use, and that's not even considering the fact that looking after your marketing is like 10 steps down the list of things you need to do every day as a small business owner.

You're already your own CFO, customer service team, HR, bookkeeper... the list goes on.

You're already wearing #allthehats, but hiring a marketing team or paying to outsource just feels out of reach right now. When you're building a business from the ground up, hiring an in-house marketing team or paying a monthly agency retainer isn't always realistic.

You know you need to focus on marketing, but it feels like just another thing on your to-do list and we can't blame you at all for feeling overwhelmed on where to even start.

So does this mean you're doomed to have crap marketing FOREVER?

Defs not.
How do we know that?
We're psychic.

Okay, not really. But we know you're here right now reading this page, which means you're already one step closer to being in marketing bliss. Yes, really.

Now all you need to do is let us help you.

Sound good? Let's go. 

What makes this membership different from the 362,896,243 others out there?

Get advice on ALL areas of digital marketing

Not just social media, not just SEO, we'll cover a range of topics so you can learn what you need to know to market your biz effectively!

We make digital marketing FUN!

We promise this won't feel like a chore, yes there's homework (you get out what you put in) but we promise you'll enjoy it. And don't worry, if you're strapped for time, everything is self-paced. All the content we send out from the day you sign up will be there waiting for you when you're ready to roll.

We're here to support you, every step

Whether you need tech support with a marketing program, marketing advice, or just want to bounce around an idea - you can ask us anything in the online community.

How does it work?

We know that marketing your business online can feel SO overwhelming (we've been there). So in the membership we focus on ONE area of digital marketing (e.g. SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Email Marketing...) each month.

This way you can focus on one thing at a time, and build your digital marketing strategy up one step at a time.

No overwhelm necessary!

Here's what you get (hint: it's a lot)

Build your knowledge in bite-sized chunks with actionable ideas delivered to your inbox

All the tips and suggestions of how to market your business online are overwhelming. We'll be giving you ONE bite-sized idea each week. This way, you can get sh*t done easily and watch the results snowball! And don't worry, we know how busy you are. So we keep our emails short & sweet.

Pick the brains of industry experts with monthly Q&A videos

We told you we'd give you all areas for digital marketing, and we might know a lot, but we don't know EVERYTHING (hint: no one does). So we'll be bringing in experts from different areas to give you their specialist insights on different topics like SEO, Website design, PR and more!

Each month you'll have the opportunity to send in your questions and have them answered!

Get support and guidance from the online member community

You'll have access to an exclusive Facebook group to discuss our monthly topics, connect with other members and get support.

Not on Facebook? No stress, you'll have your own version of the community forum you can logon to - no Facebook account required.

Put your knowledge into action with monthly resources

Every month we'll hook you up with a relevant guide, template or checklist to help you action our weekly email lessons. 

After all, the only thing better than learning is putting it into action!

Plan your entire content calendar with us in just 1 hour per month

Getting a little slack with planning your social posts? We get it.

In these workshops we'll help you plan a month of content in just 60 minutes. Cool huh?

These online workshops we like to call Content in your Coffee Break will normally cost $35 to attend, but as a member you'll have access to join these at no extra cost!

Get DIY ready with FREE access to our Digital Marketing Toolkit

This bad boy contains every template, checklist, guide, eBook and resource we've ever created - EVER. It's normally worth $450, but as a member you'll get instant access to this entire toolkit free.

PLUS: Members in The Lot or Value Pack get extra 1:1 support

Sign up for The Lot or Value Pack Membership to access these extra features...

One place to check all your key digital marketing metrics

Logging in to Google Analytics, Facebook & Instagram Insights, Shopify or your email marketing platform any time you want to track key stats can be painstaking. 

For members in The Lot or the Value Pack, we provide you with a set of customised dashboards so you can log into one platform, and see all your key stats in one place.

Accountability and support to hit your goals

You know you need to be tracking your goals, but when there are a million other things on your to-do list, it can easily fall by the wayside. This means your hard work on marketing goes to waste because you can never evaluate what's working and what isn't. 

We take the inconvenience away by tracking your goals for you and providing guidance to help you stay on track. No more missed opportunities!

Hot topics coming right up...

Social Media & IP: How to deal with copycats (and avoid becoming one) | Starting 11 November 2020

Sometimes social media can feel like a free-for-all, but the same copyright rules apply just like anywhere else.

In this topic, we're going to walk you through how to share content correctly, how to deal with copycats and some tips for creating original content, so you don't have to risk doing the wrong thing.

Facebook Ads Secret Sauce | Starting 9 December 2020

We've been running Facebook Ad campaigns since Mad Men was still on TV, so naturally in 5+ years we've learned what works (aaand what doesn't). 

In this topic, we're taking you behind the curtain of how professional ads managers run their campaigns and our latest ideas to boost your results on this platform - whether you're experienced or just getting started!

Instagram: Community Over Competition | Starting 6 January 2021

There's a lot you can do to make your profile look prettier, or get more reach, or even increase your followers - but there's one not-so-secret ingredient that actually helps brands to "blow up" on the 'gram.

BEING SOCIAL! Yep, your success ultimately comes down to supporting others. 

But where do you start? That's exactly what you'll learn in this juicy focus topic!

A little taste of what our members get monthly...

Ever wanted to pick the brains of a Digital Marketing expert about a random question or rumour you heard?

With every new topic we cover, you'll have the opportunity to send in all your burning questions in the member community for our guest experts to answer in a (totally entertaining) Q&A video with us!

Meet your new marketing wing(women)

Luckily for you, we're not another pair of gurus who started their business after googling "easy ways to make money in your pyjamas" and settled on a social media management agency.

Between us we have over a decade's experience in marketing, 2 Bachelor degrees (in Marketing and Public Relations), and have worked with over 200 brands around Australia. So yeah, we know a thing or two about marketing and we've created this membership to share that knowledge with you (in the most fun way possible).

We can't wait for you to join us!

Hayley + Katy

Some of our members' epic results so far...

Here's how we help you 'make it rain' results...

Over our years of managing social media content, blogs, websites, digital advertising, media, email marketing and more for hundreds of brands across Australia, we learned a thing or two about how to make marketing less head-ache-inducing and more fun.

Hint: once you're actually enjoying yourself and doing all the things you need to be doing, THAT'S when the results come raining down. Plus we'll be offering support and holding you accountable along the way.

We wanted to take this knowledge and expertise of ours, and make it more accessible to every small biz babe (and bloke) - that's how the Oh My Digital Membership was born!

So if you want to join the fun, you've come to the right place.


These girls are my like-minded down to earth people. They really helped simplify a lot of the social media stuff to help me grow and authentic audience. Although I’m not interested in a high number of followers, I had real people seeing my work and booking in. And in the short space of 4 months I have seen my bookings grow hugely. Super affordable and great knowledge.
Faye Maudsley | Faye Hairdressing
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. That’s the best description of how Oh My Digital have helped me grow my business. Their monthly membership model keeps me informed and educated about ways to continually enhance my digital presence. I really love working with Hayley. I even named a product after her - and it’s become a best seller!

Paula Gething | On A String

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In our little community, you'll find discussions around our weekly focus topics, where we encourage you to pick our brains!

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Fun Size

$29 AUD / month
  • Weekly bite-size lessons delivered straight to your inbox
  • Ask questions and get support in the online member community
  • Monthly Q&A videos - get your questions answered by indsutry experts
  • FREE access to a range of Oh My Digital products and Workshops (coming soon)
Includes access to 3 products:
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The Lot

$59 AUD / month
  • Monthly accountability check-ins
  • Your very own plug & play dashboard to track all your key marketing goals in one place
  • Weekly bite-size lessons delivered straight to your inbox
  • Ask questions and get support in the online member community
  • Monthly Q&A videos - get your questions answered by indsutry experts
  • FREE access to a range of Oh My Digital products and Workshops (coming soon)
Includes access to 3 products:
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Value Pack

$590 AUD / year
  • Sign up for a year upfront to save $118 and receive a BONUS 1 hr Consult worth $149
  • Monthly accountability check-ins
  • Your very own plug & play dashboard to track all your key marketing goals in one place
  • Weekly bite-size lessons delivered straight to your inbox
  • Ask questions and get support in the online member community
  • Monthly Q&A videos - get your questions answered by indsutry experts
  • FREE access to a range of Oh My Digital products and Workshops (coming soon)

Includes access to 3 products:
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All the questions you might be too shy to ask...

Is there a minimum time commitment to stay in the membership?

Nope! If you choose either of our monthly plans, you'll just pay one month at a time, and you can cancel anytime. If you choose the annual option, you'll be billed annually. You can also start on the monthly and upgrade to annual later if you want to trial it first!

We get that sh*t happens, so if you need to leave at anytime, you can find the instructions to do that here - no awkward convo required!

Will the dashboard be compatible with all the tools I use?

Our dashboards can currently pull in data from a HEAP of popular platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Active Campaign, Mailchimp and more. You can see the full list of available integrations here.

If you want to check in and make sure tracking for your platforms is available, feel free to contact us and we can check for you!

Do I need to be advanced with digital marketing to follow these tips?

Absolutely not! We have a range of skill sets in the membership, so we break everything down to make sense even for beginners. We're here to make it easy for you and take away the tech-speak.

Is this all about social media?

Nope! We actually cover all areas of online marketing, so you can learn everything that might be relevant to your business in one place.

Social Media is a big part of this - but it's not the only valuable tactic out there, so there'll be lots more where that came from.

I'm shy about showing up on camera - will I still be able to use your ideas and tips?

Absolutely! We have a secret to tell you - getting our faces on camera actually freaks us out too (although we know it always has a massive positive impact on results when we do!)

Whether you want to be the face of your business or not, we have a lot more ideas for you up our sleeve than simply talking on Stories or posting selfies - so don't worry, we got you!

What industries is this for?

We have a VERY wide range of businesses in the membership, from eCommerce stores, Bookkeepers & Accountants, Travel Agencies, Hair & Makeup Artists - even a Fencing & Custom Fabrication company (and they are killing it on Instagram, believe it or not)! 

Social media isn't for every business, so that's why we help you learn all areas of digital marketing, so you can focus on the tactics that WILL work for your unique business.

I work in Digital Marketing myself, but I'm still learning, can I join?

Yes you can! #CommunityOverCompetition all the way. We have a few other marketers in the membership already, and we love helping service-based businesses like ours, so we're sure you'll be able to learn a lot here.

Will there be lots of homework?

No! We keep everything as simple as possible - our goal is to help you get maximum impact for minimum effort - but you do get out what you put in.

Each Wednesday at 11am AEST we'll send an email straight to your inbox with a quick lesson and tips for you to try. You can complete these in your own time, and use the community page to ask any questions if you get stuck. 

If you're in The Lot or Value Pack plan, we'll also check-in with you each month with an update on your goals. Depending on how you're tracking, we might challenge you with a couple of extra tips to try. That's it!

So I've signed up, how do I access Content in Your Coffee Break?

  1. Check your emails, we've sent a link & a Google Calendar invite!
  2. Log into your account on Podia, then head to Products!
  3. Get your pen and paper ready, it's jam packed!

Can I change my Plan?

Yes - you can upgrade or downgrade between any of our monthly plans! 

However, we don't currently have an option to downgrade/upgrade to our annual plan (The Value Pack).

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! We hope we never have to say goodbye, but we totally understand you may have to do this, and we hate subscriptions that make it difficult to cancel! We've included instructions on our help page inside the membership portal.